Vintage Vehicle Family Festival by Brian Davis
As anyone who checks out our calendar knows, Sunday was the Vintage Vehicles Family Festival in Palo Alto.  A couple of gearhead friends of mine were planning on going, and I figured I’d probably ride up and check it out at some point.  Ralph Stoll called me at about 9:00 Sunday morning expressing interest in a ride to Palo Alto, so we decided we would meet at Mario DiSalvo’s house around Noon and enjoy a leisurely ride up.  I discovered that Ralph doesn’t actually understand the concept of leisurely rides!  As soon as we hit 280 he was off.  He was doing 70-75 mph on his ’50 panhead when I caught up to him on my Chief (see picture below).  We maintained that pace until we exited on Foothill Expressway.  After we arrived at the park in Palo Alto and got off our bikes, we simultaneously said “Hey, that thing’s pretty quick!”  Other YBers that made the ride to the VVFF on Sunday included Ken DaSilva, Chris Carter and Victor Boocock.  That brings the total to 6 – and that means points! There was a great variety of vehicles on display, including some pretty cool bikes.  It was well worth our time to go check it out.  
See the photo gallery here.  Warning: non-motorcycle content!