Hello all,
Hope some of you are enjoying the great winter weather here by being in the wind... Was unable to make the ride to Alice’s, but  was able to ride the day before... that sun felt good! This e-mail is to invite all members and friends of Yerba Buena member  Ronnie Avilez to a memorial/tribute that his son and family are hosting on Sat. March 12, 11AM to 8PM at the Rod and Gun Clubhouse at Lake Merced in SF. The location is right off John Muir Drive, near the shooting range. some of you were able to say goodbye to Ron last May, at a hastily put-together, but well attended party at his home. There will be food and a no-host bar, as well as lots of motorcycle parking and good camaraderie. If you plan to attend, RSVP the web-site his daughter has set up, so we can get a ballpark figure for the caterer; here it is:
or you can leave a message on my phone at
(415) 751-2070
hope to see you there - Ken daSilva
Ronnie Avilez Memorial Ken daSilva
Norm Beam Run Curt Hansen
The second 'Old Indians Never Die' Rally was held at Traquair House in Pebbleshire, Scotland, on July 24th/25th, 2009, and from the film made of the rally, they understand the allure of the 'other' American motorcycle. From the press release of Watermill productions:

"The Rally was possibly the largest collection of vintage Indian Motocycles gathered in Europe.
This is a trailer from the forthcoming 1 hour long documentary. "
I see a few friends in the film, including John Powell's mock Indian 4, which uses a Renault engine! It looks the part - he built the entire machine himself. If the documentary is as witty as the trailer, it will no doubt be a hit with the antique motorcycle brigade. I love the continuous soundtrack of the kickstart ratchet mechanism - so distinctively Indian. Enjoy!
Old Indians Never Die Paul D’Orleans