Harley WINS Indian vs Harley Race! Mike Gorrono
This just in. A rag-tag team of Harley owners beat the the well dressed Indian team at Yosemite.  After tallying the points Harley Davidson wins the Title for America and leaves the Indian crowd stunned! More later from "Red-Fred".
Aren't  Indians American?  Steve Brown
Last time I checked, they were here first !!!!! & still are, alive & well. And  when it comes to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, or whatever, we all are brothers, enjoying the wind...  Mr. Brown. ( A  Proud Harley Owner)!!!
Spoken like a true bureaucrat Mario DiSalvo
Oh wait , bureaucrats are ALL a bunch of no good , well you know what I mean. Steve you’re no bureaucrat. How dare I insult you like that. What you are is right. But I do enjoy poking a little fun at the Indian guys , almost as much as I enjoy them poking fun at us. I love both Harley's and Indians , but what I would really like to see is all the other makes of old bikes getting in on the fun. Keep your knees in the breeze & ride safe.  Mr. DiSalvo (A proud motorcycle enthusiast)!!!
Yes Steve,they are American Mike Gorrono
Like the American-National leagues, Ford-Chevy,beer-hard drinks,Democrats-Republicans, etc., etc. You have 3 Harleys last time I checked and if you give the other side a wink-n-a-nod... you've given in to them. Harley needs you. Maybe next year you will offer yourself and bike for the cause!!!
Yeah, Mike Rich Ostrander
And both #1 named H-D riders were from the L.A. Chapter. Congrats to John Von Karvaly National Champ and Craig Taylor Harley. Job well done gentlemen!
Thanks, Richard Craig Taylor
John & I had a GREAT TIME @ a very nice event. Gary Stark & his group did a GREAT JOB with the race, & deserve a big THANK YOU for their effort. Good times, with Good People.
The Great Race was a true Class Act Red Fred
Patterned after the Classic started in Australia 25 years ago, it was run much like a European Rally, where measured distances were checked as the bikes left in timed intervals.  No body really seemed serious about the times part, except the LA gang who thoroughly did their homework, and deserved the award.  At each check point, the entrant was asked a riddle question, based on a point of interest, or something we experienced during the ride.  We got completely lost the first day, and never made ANY of the check points.  We did find the Lodge overlooking Bass Lake, which served great drinks, and had excellent food.  The deck offered a perfect vantage point for the Chris Craft Boat show that was going on the water.  We had our priorities, and going slow, to be on time for the check point wasn't one of them!  There were bikes from Canada (a two-up Indian Chief ridden all the way from Eastern Canada,,,,,,the guy was silent for the long distance trophy though & let the Harley guys win it from Oregon.  There were also bikes from Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia, Nevada, and Mexico!!!!!  A bunch of Aussies were in attendance, and actually bought multiple bikes there!  And then did the rally on them!  I managed to get my beard, mustache, and some sacred top cover singed while trying to put out a burning Sportster.  The bike was OK, and was able to finish the Rally. Some of the SFMC guys rode there on their Chief, and old Triumph, and the Triumph was most welcome amongst us.  We managed to get through the Yosemite Valley w/o hitting any bears.  All in all a great time, despite it snowing this morning!  Respectfully submitted, and defeat happily accepted, as the Victory couldn't have come to a better group of guys (the winners Mike, not you). ; )  Here are the pictures.  RF
Congratulations to the Race winners Kalle Hoffman
John Sweeney and I rode from San Francisco to Oakhurst for the Indian Vs Harley Race. Then to Coalinga on Saturday to meet up with some friends. Then back to the City today. Just shy of 1000 miles. John got one Flat Tire and my distributor shaft seized up making a mess of my timing and all wires connected to my distributor. Both were repaired in the field and bikes kept rolling. Here are the pictures.  Kalle
I rode with a guy from France Jeff Beam
He bought a freshly restored '46 chief from Gary Stark and is going to ship it home, and a guy from Louisiana on his 741 scout.  6 YBs sprinkled throughout the 75 bikes - some newer than '65 and some non-Indian/Harley.  One lone female driver on her Harley she has been riding since she bought it new in 1953! Bob Stark and Gary Hatfield in attendance. 3 great routes over 3 days, including 'Little Dragon'.  Yosemite was spectacular.  Including the getting lost part, approaching 500 miles.  Best part was finishing, with or without incident. (My '4' woulda made the ole' man proud!). Congrats to Harley and the winners. Thanks to the promoters and the volunteers.  Did some recruiting for our national ride and look forward to YB offering our own great ride in September.  Jeff
2011 Edition of the Great Indian vs Harley Race! Various contributors
Is the Indian vs. Harley rivalry alive and well?  Read on and judge for yourself.  This isn’t really a Ride Report or the usual event write-up, but just a compilation of emails exchanged between various club members and event participants.  I think it gives you a good overview of what apparently took place, as well as a feel for the range of attitudes folks seem to have regarding the “competition.”  It sounds like our club was properly represented, with priorities clearly set (getting off track and enjoying lunch and a Chris*Craft boat show in the middle of a “race” is perfect!).  And don’t miss the pictures provided by Kalle Hoffman and Red Fred.