Labor Day Ride by Queasy Rider (Mario DiSalvo)

Today, 6 members and 1 guest went on a little ride in search of possible new routes for future outings.

With the exception of one slightly difficult section of road that we took going up through Redwood Estates, we really had no problems.

Weather started out warm then went to cold, back to blazing hot depending on where we were at.

We tried to go through Capitola but traffic was hurriedness because of the Begonia Festival.  So we continued on to a little BBQ shack just south of the boardwalk.

After lunch we made our way back to Felton , then we came home via highway 9, with one very much needed stop at Paul and Eddies Pub in Monta Vista.

Thanks to all that showed up for this Labor Day Ride.

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2010 Labor Day Pics