Blessing of the Hot Rods 21 May 2011 by Brian Davis
I woke up Saturday morning thinking it would be a great day for a ride.  Unfortunately, we had none scheduled.  I was about to start making phone calls when I got a call from Mario DiSalvo.  Ralph Stoll apparently woke up with the same idea and had called him.  Mario couldn’t make it that day, but within an hour we had five riders ready to go.  Our initial destination was a church on Summit Road for their annual “Blessing of the Hot Rods.”  Brian Davis and Jeff Beam met Dan Pereyra in Los Gatos for the ride up Old Santa Cruz Highway.  The three of us hooked up with Ralph and Steve Brown at the church. After an hour or so checking out the other vehicles, we decided to head down San Jose – Soquel Road to find some lunch.  Apparently there was a yellow jacket or wasp in my helmet when I put it on – got stung on the neck twice on the way down to Soquel (the pain and swelling was pretty much gone by Tuesday).  Lunch was great and we enjoyed an awesome ride back via Highway 9.
See the Photo Gallery here. Warning:  there are pictures of cars here!