69 Mile Ride
Last Saturday Max Schaaf, host of the 4Q website, organized his '69 Mile Ride' from Remedy Coffee's cart on Telegraph in Oakland to Port Costa for lunch. About 60 bikes showed up, and as Max's site is all about a very particular type of Chopper, the majority of bikes fit that description. Quite a few Yerba Buena members showed up, including Rich Ostrander, Kim and Pete Young, and Paul d'Orleans. As most of the bikes fit the '35 year' rule, they should ALL be members of YB! Here are some photos of the event.
69 Mile '10 3275.JPG
69 Mile '10 3279.JPG
69 Mile '10 3280.JPG
69 Mile '10 3281.JPG
69 Mile '10 3296.JPG